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Unitary European patent : proposal on renewal fees Patent department
10 July 2015

On 24 June the Administrative Council of the EPO endorsed a fee scale for renewal fees applicable to the unitary patent.


For the first ten years – the average lifetime of a European patent – the cost of renewing a unitary patent will be less than EUR 5 000, and the cumulative total to be paid for maintaining it over the full 20-year term will be just over EUR 35 500.


For comparison, the amounts payable under the current system in the same 25 member states add up to EUR 29 500 for the first ten years, and nearly EUR 159 000 for the full 20 years.


In other words, the fee scale now endorsed for the unitary patent corresponds to a reduction of 78% compared to the current situation. (source EPO)



Jean-Baptiste THIBAUD