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The French Parliament authorizes the ratification of the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court News
3 March 2014

More than a year after the signature of the agreement, the French National Assembly voted to authorize the ratification by France of the agreement on a Unified Patent Court. France is therefore among the first States ready to ratify the agreement.
This agreement will only come into force after the ratification by 13 States, provided France, Germany and the United Kingdom have ratified it. For now, only Austria has ratified the agreement.
Community patent was introduced in 2012 in the context of an enhanced cooperation procedure gathering 25 States. Spain and Poland are not part to the agreement.
The seat of the central division of the Court will be in Paris; the United Kingdom and Germany will both house a section of the central division. Other States will house local division (for one State) or regional division (for two or more States) on their request.
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