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    Prior art search


    The goal of the tool that is at your disposal is to allow those who wish to apply for an IP right (design, trademark or patent) to easily go through preliminary searches.


    By using this tool, you shall be able to set aside projects that can obviously not be protected because of prior art.

    Indeed, it is highly recommended to contact a specialist to go through a deeper analysis on projects which prima facie are not hampered by prior art, or to validate your first assumptions. This will save you time and will allow you to reduce the acquisition costs of IP rights.

    IMPORTANT: By using this tool, you expressly accept the following terms:
    No liability: LOYER & ABELLO shall never be held liable for the relevancy, the completeness and the correctness of prior art searches as well as shall never be held liable of the content of Websites accessible through this tool. The use of this tool shall not replace assistance of an IP specialist and is done at the own risks of the user. By no means LOYER & ABELLO shall be sued for liability for, notably, and not limited to, any issue of validity or freedom of use of an IP right applied for following these searches. Consequently, every users shall bear the whole risk resulting from the use of this tool.

    Restriction of use: LOYER & ABELLO allows the use of this tool solely for exclusively private searches, excluding professional use (that is, provision of service in the field of IP done for a third party).

    LOYER & ABELLO let you use three different applications of this tool: