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LOYER & ABELLO launches the 1st application dedicated to infringement seizures and bailiff’s reports according to article 145 CPC News
10 December 2018


  Downloadable from


Who is this App for?

It is dedicated to companies that are subject to an infringement seizure or a bailiff’s report on unfair competition or parasitism.


Seizure allows a right holder to obtain an order ex-parte, authorizing a bailiff to visit a third party. Generally, his mission is to describe a product or process accused of infringement, to seize samples and commercial & financial information on the extent of the alleged infringement, etc. Bailiff’s reports obtained on the basis of Article 145 CPC are also frequently used to prove alleged facts of unfair competition.

The bailiff arrives by surprise at the company’s premises, and frequently obtains very sensitive and confidential information, both technical and commercial. This is often the core of trade secrets.

Faced with such intrusive measures, which are very often carried out under stressful conditions, the challenge is to react as best as possible to protect the company’s interests and assets, while respecting the law.


What is this App for?

4 sections to anticipate the situation and be ready in case you are subject to a seizure or a report within your company, but also to guide you step by step, from the arrival of the bailiff until the end of the operations:

    Train exposed staff in the company in advance and organize internally to be ready to react
  • «REACT»
    Emergency advice gathered in a checklist to be ticked, for the attention of the staff concerned (reception, internal referent, dedicated team)
  • «DO’S / DON’TS»
    Guidelines on the appropriate behaviour towards the bailiff and the pitfalls to avoid
    Checklist to be ticked at the end of the operations and anticipate potential remedies

How to get it?

Already downloadable from and will soon be also available on the Stores, including the Apple App Store and Google Play. It can be used on smartphones, tablets, but also on your computer screens.

Let yourself be guided by the welcome message that will give you the process to install the application.

    • On IPhone, 2 buttons to use in the horizontal band at the bottom and center of the screen:

The « Share » icon:

Then the + icon ‘’Add to home screen’’, by scrolling to the left the list of icons :

  • On Android : click on the menu icon at the top right of the web page, select “Add to Home screen”, then “ADD”».

For more information

LOYER & ABELLO has a long practice in the field of infringement seizures and 145 bailiff’s reports, the App being based on our “Guide to seizures and reports”, published by LexisNexis in 2016.

The entire team remains at your disposal should you require further information. Feel free to contact us at the dedicated address