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Turning your innovations into long term assets

LOYER & ABELLO dominant activities all have in common innovation (innovations in any fields of technology, know-how, software, inventions). The firm assists its clients at each stage of the innovation process.

During the initial phase of design, research & development :

  • by assisting companies to implement a policy supporting innovation, and a compensation policy for employees’ inventions, including the possible negotiation of a company agreement
  • by establishing contracts for the assignment of IP rights by non-employee stakeholders (students, PhDs, etc.) or sub-contractors
  • by establishing IP provisions to be included in work contracts both for technological innovations in the field of design, copyrights and software
  • by accompanying innovative companies and innovative projects initiator to obtain subsidies for innovation

During the implementation of innovations :

  • by carrying out prior art searches and setting up freedom to operate consultation
  • by insuring the protection of innovation or confidentiality (Soleau envelope sold by the logo_inpi, submission of sealed envelopes to IESF- VF-RVB), or by filing IP rights in France and abroad (setting the text of the patent, the wording of the trademark, applications and models). The firm LOYER & ABELLO is authorized to represent clients in all procedures of filing, issuance, and maintenance of securities with the INPI, EPO, and the WIPO.

During the defence of innovations :

  • by ensuring the representation and defence of clients before both administrations and Courts (oppositions, infringement, etc. ) in collaboration with the litigation department

LOYER & ABELLO has developed specific expertise in protection of software inventions (see publications of many conferences in documentation).


For complex cases in the field of chemistry and biotechnology, LOYER & ABELLO works in cooperation with recognized IP Counsels in their specific fields of skills.


The department is led by Jean-Baptiste THIBAUD, engineer, EU Patent attorney and former IP Counsel. The department is notably composed of Bertrand LOYER, Michel ABELLOMickaël JEULAND, Raphaël PLELAN, engineers, European Patent attorneys and former IP Counsels, Julien ASTIER, engineer, and an administrative team composed of Nathalie LECOQ, Audrey MARTINEAU, Fabienne MIGOT and Véronique OUVRARD.